Friday, November 10, 2017

A sad farewell to blogging

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to stop blogging. After more than six years, 329 posts (including this one), and attracting almost 650,000 page views, I am calling it quits.

I started blogging on April 13, 2011. For many years thereafter I averaged more than 60 posts annually. But this year I have managed only ten. And now 2017 is nearly history.

It's not that I have nothing further to say, but rather that I find it too draining to write a new post every week as I have done for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but, for the moment, enough is enough.

My pace of writing has been slowing down for a while. This is not simply the result of aging (since all of us are aging whether we like it or not) but also because there is simply too much to write about. I don't have the energy anymore to write about all these things in depth as I have done in the past.

Instead of blogging, I want to use Facebook to comment briefly on topics that I am interested in rather than to engage in deeper discussions, as I did previously on this blog.

To all my faithful readers, I wish you happy reading elsewhere. If you are interested in following me to discover my thoughts on a daily basis, please turn to Facebook where I hope to be active for a while longer.

For a while, I boycotted Facebook, largely because of the time social media demand and the misuse that they can and do make of personal data. I returned because they do enable me to disseminate some of my thinking on current issues without lengthy writing.

I will not prolong this farewell note except to reiterate my regret for stopping. A very wise man once said that there is a time for everything. For me, the time to leave has come.

I intend to keep this blog open for the next while until the readership slowly declines and the sun finally sets on my blog. Until then . . .

Farewell, kind reader.

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  1. Adrian:
    I will miss your posts as they have a lot of information gathered from a variety of sources - with a good blend of political cartoons, graphs and your reflections. It is good to look back on your earlier posts to get perspective from recent history. I hope your keep the blog open for quite a while as it will continue to be a source of relevant information. Thank you for all the effort you put in over the years to relay your perspective on events.