Monday, November 7, 2016

A Call to Prayer for the Election



That is my advice as the USA stands on the eve of this momentous election.

Tomorrow is a BIG day!

Many people will be chosen for many offices all over the country.

But one office stands out -- the presidency.

My advice is unsolicited, I concede, but it comes with the best of intentions.

It is what God commands of all his children.

He invites everyone to pray,

And so do I.

I am a Canadian, thus I cannot vote in this crucial election.

What I can do is pray, as millions around the world are also doing.

People of faith everywhere are praying -- desperately praying!.

After all, what else can we do?

Most of us are helpless bystanders

What many of us say and do will not influence the results of the election.

But the results will influence every one of us.

All that most of us can do is implore God to save us.

Whether we are Americans or not, we must pray.

Americans alone can vote, but the rest of us cannot.

If you are an American, do so, but vote wisely.

Vote as God directs you.

First of all, even before you mark your ballot, pray!

And continue to pray afterwards too.

Pray also, if you have already voted.

Join millions of others around the world who are praying for this election.

Never, in my seventy-plus years, have I witnessed such an election campaign.

Nor have most people in the world.

I don't want to describe that campaign.

It has been disgusting!

I understand how difficult this election is for many Americans.

The choices seem terrible, especially for the presidency.

That is why it so important to pray.

Pray for God's guidance as you vote:

        for a peaceful election day,

       and for peace after the election.

Pray that the candidates and voters may accept the results.

Pray for healing for the country,

                           for all Americans,

                           for every person in every city, town, and village,

                           for reconciliation in marriages,

                                                        in families,

                                                       in churches

                                                       and among friends.

Pray for all those who have been elected or reelected.

Pray for peace in the world.

An, and if you can find the time, pray also for the rest of the world.

Since they are praying for you.

God bless America!    


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